Mental Health Awareness Campaign

It is an initiative taken as a part of community service having   4E objectives:

  • Encouraging the importance of Mental Health.
  • Enhancing psychological well-being and quality of life of the community
  • Empowering the individuals to contribute and monitor mental health of themselves and their community.
  • Eliminating the stigmas and prevailing myths related to Mental Health.

Areas we are working on

  • Importance of Mental  Health
  • What an individual can do to enhance psychological well-being and quality of life of themselves and their loved ones
  • Identifiers, Causes & Management of common Mental Health Concerns
  • How to deal with common childhood concerns
  • Importance and ways to enhance relationships( intrapersonal, interpersonal, social and family relations)
  • Work and personal life balance
  • Workplace environment and team building


Campaign conduction does not include any honorarium.

Interested in conducting it in your locality or organization?

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